Thrilled to share our 4 awards on the past 2 Collections of Fearless Awards 2013. On Round 14 Tamara Rico became a Fearless Member and received her first 2 awards from a wonderful collection, so happy and proud of her!! This round we received another 2 awards. Do not miss the entire collections, wonderful images! Collection 14, Collection 15

Here are our awarded images! Thank you to Kristen & Jeff and Erika & Ken for your trust and love. You’re truly fearless couples ūüôā


Photo by Tamara below Collection 14

Kristen & Jeff Wedding

feet Tam-Rico-Fearless-Photographers-Awards-Weddings-Mexico-002

Photo by Tamara below Collection 14

Kristen & Jeff Wedding handkerchief Tam-Rico-Fearless-Photographers-Awards-Weddings-Mexico-001

Photo by  Citlalli below Collection 15

Erika & Ken Day After Session

stray dogs Citlalli-Rico-Fearless-Photographers-Awards-Weddings-Mexico-001

Photo by Citlalli below Collection 15

Kristen & Jeff WeddingBride and groom portrait reflection Citlalli-Rico-Fearless-Photographers-Awards-Weddings-Mexico-002